The Asphalt Jungle

1950·United States·112 min.
The Asphalt Jungle
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Doc Erwin Riedenschneider has just been released from prison and immediately seeks out financial backing for a heist which he has been plotting, the robbery of a jewellery store. He puts together a group of men consisting of Dix Handley, a tough guy, Gus, a bar owner and Louis Ciavelli, a family man. The robbery is a success and Dix and Doc take the jewels to their buyer, Alonzo 'Lon' Emmerich. Unfortunately, Emmerich does not have the money for them; he was hoping to be able to coerce the group into giving him the jewels under the false pretence of fencing them. He would then be able to sell them himself with the help of his business partner, Bob Brannom...