Modern Times

1936·United States·89 min.
Modern Times
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Chaplin is a factory worker in this hectic age - a minor cog in the grinding wheels of industry. His job -mechanically tightening bolts on a moving belt. The monotony of the work drives him beserk. Taken to hospital he soon recovers and is discharged, cautioned to avoid excitement. Caught in a street riot, he is mistaken for the leader and thrown into a patrol wagon. Charlie unconsciously thwarts an attempted jailbreak. As a reward he is given a cell with all the comforts of home. But just as he is ready to settle down to a life of ease and contentment in jail, he is pardoned. He then gets a job in a shipyard, but is fired for doing the wrong things at the wrong times. He resolves to return to the comfort and security of jail. He meets the girl - a gamine of the waterfront. She and her orphaned sisters are about to be taken into custody by the juvenile welfare officers, but she escapes. When she is about to be arrested for stealing food, Charlie attempts to take the blame, without success. He wanders into a cafeteria, orders everything in sight, then informs the manager that he has no money to pay. On the way to jail he meets the girl again. Together they escape and from then on they are inseparable companions.