The Best of Youth (TV Miniseries)

2003·Italy·366 min.
The Best of Youth (TV Miniseries)
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"La Meglio Gioventù" tells the story of an Italian family from the late sixties to the present day. It focuses on two brothers, Nicola and Matteo. They share the same hopes, the same dreams, they enjoy the same books and friends, until an encounter with a disturbed young woman, Giorgia, decides the fate of both of them. Nicola decides to become a psychiatrist, Matteo abandons his studies to become a policeman. "La Meglio Gioventù" is the title of a collection of Friulan poetry by Pasolini; it is also the title of an old song sung by the Alpini. It is a broad fresco of a generation with its contradictions, its sometimes ingenuous, sometimes violent anger, speaking up for itself, albeit in a voice that is sometimes off-key.