Don't Be a Sucker (S)

1943·United States·18 min.
Don't Be a Sucker (S)
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Don't Be a Sucker is a short film produced by the United States Department of War released in 1943. It has anti-racist and anti-fascist themes, and was made to educate viewers about prejudice and discrimination. The Film dramatizes the destructive effects of racial and religious prejudice. Reel 1 shows a fake wrestling match and "crooked" gambling games. An agitator addresses a street crowd; he almost convinces one man in the audience until the man begins to talk to a Hungarian refugee from Germany. A Nazi speaker harangues a crowd in Germany denouncing Jews, Catholics, and Freemasons. Reel 2, a German unemployed worker joins Hitler's Storm Troops. SS men attack Jewish and Catholic headquarters in Germany, and beat up a Jewish storekeeper. A German teacher explains Nazi racial theories; the teacher is dragged away by German soldiers.

Original titleDon't Be a Sucker (S)